iSpeek Quality and Reliability

iSpeek's reliable technology connects talent and studios over the internet in real-time. The latency you'll experience from the time you begin to talk, sing, or play an instrument to when the other iSpeek client hears the sound will vary with distance and the state of the internet connection during your iSpeek Session.

For instance, the typical latency will vary from 35mS (milliseconds) within a city, 35-50mS within a 1500 mile session and 50-65mS cross country. iSpeek has even connected talent from Park City, Utah U.S.A. to studios in London, England U.K. at *76mS.

When combined with the iSpeek Webcam, a Producer can see and hear Talent as if they were in the same building.  In effect, they are. It's a virtual studio environment whether you're separated by just a few miles or a few thousand miles.

Reliability, low latency, studio-quality audio, webcam, instant messenger, and an easy to use interface.  The quality of iSpeek speeks for itself.

* Your latency may vary and the figures cited are based upon optimum conditions.                         Park City, Utah             Seattle, Washington   U.S.A.         

Seattle, Washington Office Phone (206) 203-5916

Long Island, New York       (631) 961-7471      





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iSpeek features the "best of the best"


The German computer magazine "Computerbild" has completed a three day aural test on the sound quality of compressed audio data. Under perfect conditions (excellent reproduction, no gaps or clicks between the test candidates) and "blindfolded“, four audiophile "judges" tested the seven different codecs: MP3 (Fraunhoffer, Lame and Nero-MP3), WMA, AAC (Apple version) and Ogg Vorbis. 128 and 256 kBit/s compression rates were used together with variable high quality bit rates.


Audiophiles found that at 128 kBit/s, the quality of all the codecs was remarkable and the differences to the original were marginal. The best codec at 128 kBit/s was, according to Computerbild, the Lame MP3, which, by the way, is used in iSpeek. At the other end of the scale was the Windows Media Player 10 integrated Fraunhoffer MP3 codec.


The audiophiles also found that with the higher bit rates (256 kBit/s, high variables) there were no audible differences to the original audio data apart from the Frauenhoffer MP3 codec from the Windows Media Player that sounded worse than the other codecs at the higher bit rate. Even worse, the judges could find no difference between this and the WMA 128 kBit/s although it requires only half the data space.

February 2006















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